Examples of famous Criminal Profiles.

There are many crimes in history that Profiling has been used as a tool in the investigations. Here are some, that I'm sure most of you would have heard about.

New York City's Mad Bomber - George Metesky (1956).

Dr. James Brussel, a Criminal Psychiatrist, profiled this case. After thoroughly examining the case file that had eluded the investigators for 16 years, Dr. Brussel concluded this profile.

The Bomber was male.

The Bomber was likely to be a former employee of Con Edison (the receipient of the 4th bomb) and held a grudge against him.

The Bomber believed to have been permanently injured by the company and was seeking revenge.

The Bomber was a textbook paranoid.

The Bomber believed that Con Edison and the public at large were conspiring against him.

The Bomber was middle aged, possibly around 50.

The Bomber was neat, meticulous and skilled at his work.

The Bomber was highly sensitive to any criticism.

The Bomber was a foreigner or spent the vast majority of his time with foreign people.

The Bomber had, at the least, a high school education but probably had not attended college.

The Bomber lived in Connecticut, not New York and was possibly a Slav, being Roman Catholic as most Slavs are Catholic.

The Bomber suffered from an "Oedipal Complex". That is, he was unlikely to be married and lived with a single female relative and/or relatives, these not being his Mother. This is the case of most "Oedipal" sufferers.

The Bomber had been without a Mother from a young age.

Dr. Brussel also told the investigation that when the Bomber was found, he'd be wearing a buttoned up double breasted suit! George Metesky was a slavic man who lived with his 2 unmarried sister. He regularly attended Mass at St. Patrick's Church and worked frequently in his workshop all hours of the day and night.

He had worked for Con Edison and Metesky had had an on site accident, in which he blamed his tuberculosis on that incident. He had promised revenge after his disability claim was denied via several angry letters to the Company.

When arrested he confessed to being the Bomber. He was dressed in a bathrobe and after agreeing to change his clothes, he dressed in a double breasted suit which was buttoned!

Reference: Brussel, J. A. (M.D), The Casebook of Crime Psychiatrist. Bernard Geis Associates, 1968. For further information on the complete account of this crime, you can visit The Crime Library or you can read the book referenced from above. I found the book in a second-hand book library, the best places to find books of old print.

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