All About Me!

I decided to make this page about Criminology and Profiling as I am very interested in both topics. I'm currently studying Criminology at University and was hoping to become a Criminal Profiler, but have recently learnt that a Law Enforcement background is a prerequesite. Due to this I am looking into Criminal Intelligence instead.

I live in New South Wales, Australia and Profiling is not yet a big part, if any, in any Australian Criminal Investigation. I guess it is yet to be proven as an "investigative tool" here.

Australia has this, sometimes not so good, ability of copying or following "things" the USA has found productive. Some of these "things" that we tend to copy are not good or productive. An example of this would be Americans tragic school shootings. Some Aussie juveniles have been caught in an attempt to carbon copy those tragedies in Australian schools. Fortunately our gun laws are very restrictive here, again following Australia's 'Port Arthur Massacre'. Soon, Australia is sure to follow USA in the productive Profiling of Criminal Investigations.

Me... Since I've been an Internet Addict :) I've learnt how to make home pages and volunteer my spare time here at Elysium Gates. My volunteer name is "Goddess Pandia" and you can learn more about Goddess Pandia and her duties here.

Volunteering for Elysium Gates is a wonderful experience. If you would like to volunteer, go to Volunteering at Elysium Gates. We'd love to have you aboard our brilliant team :)

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